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Explain What Christians Believe About the Sanctity of Life and Especially Their Responsibility Essay Example for Free

Clarify What Christians Believe About the Sanctity of Life and Especially Their Responsibility Essay Every single Christian conviction, have faith in the sacredness of life. This implies life is consecrated as God has given us life. Be that as it may, huge numbers of the diverse Christian religions have various perspectives in transit the two Abortions and Euthanasia ought to be taken care of. Catholics accept that life starts right now of origination. Yet, from a statement from Jeremiah 1:5 ‘Before I framed you in the belly I knew you’. This shows God has just given the youngster there exceptional characters and abilities even before they are conceived. This statement shapes the base of the Vatican’s Stance on contraception. They totally can't help contradicting condoms, ‘The Pill’ and some other types of contraception. They are additionally absolutely against the possibility of Abortion. This is appeared in the Humane Vitae. Mother Teresa is absolutely against Abortion as from this statement we can tell that she imagines that it is a wrongdoing. ‘Any nation that acknowledges Abortion, isn't showing its kin to adore, however to utilize any savagery to get what it wants’. This shows she backs up the perspectives on the Roman Catholic that Abortion is a grievous sin. Yet, the Church of England and numerous different religions, for example, Quakers and Lutheran accept that Abortion is adequate to have an Abortion in specific conditions, for example, assault or when mental or physical harm cause be delivered on the mother or/and youngster. They can't help contradicting the convictions of the Roman Catholic as we as a whole have unrestrained choice and having Abortion is in the privileges of through and through freedom. Likewise there is no statement the good book that obviously expresses that Abortion isn't right. At the opposite finish of the existence scale Euthanasia is likewise another disputable issue. All Christians accept that we as human are totally made by God. This is appeared in Psalm 139:16 ‘You saw my unborn body’. This shows when David sung the song he was telling the individuals that God knew you before you were conceived, indicating that as our bodies a personalities are interesting we as a whole should approach our psyches with deference as else we will submit a transgression against God. Because of the way that Jesus was human and he was the individual who spared us from unique sin then Euthanasia is a wrongdoing against God. Under no close to home or social conditions would ever, can now, or will ever, should Euthanasia ever render such a demonstration legitimate in itself. Pope John Paul II obviously states in this statement made in 1989 that he is absolutely against the possibility of contraception. In the book of scriptures it expresses that God is the main individual who can end an actual existence. This shows the Roman Catholics are all against the possibility of Euthanasia, making it a human sin. Where as the Church of England and the Society of Friends would contend that on the off chance that the individual is probably going to bite the dust very soon, at that point utilizing choice they ought to be permitted to utilize willful extermination as they no that they are going to kick the bucket any way. Additionally they accept that somebody ought not be taken care of quickly, however they can quit taking the medicine that is keeping them alive to accelerate the demise. However, this can raise the law ruckus as should be obvious totally what has occurred. In the law it is unlawful to have willful extermination performed on you. In the event that you were seen as blameworthy you would need to deal with indictments of man butcher. In the it says that demise isn't the stopping point just the finish of the initial segment.

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Terrorism and Homeland Security Quiz Assignment

Psychological oppression and Homeland Security Quiz - Assignment Example Psychological oppression and Homeland Security Quiz Power multipliers, in psychological oppression, is the procedure and implies that guide in enlarged exercises in fear mongering. The five kinds of power multipliers in fear based oppression are: religion, media, transitional help, innovation and enrollments as examined. Religion offers a favorable situation for part gatherings to have a typical belief system towards a specific objective. Religion offer teachings used to enroll and prepare new individuals. Individuals need to regard the conviction frameworks of the gathering with the end goal that they can even forfeit their bodies so as to maintain the lessons. The psychological oppression bunches utilize different religions, for example, Islam through citing sections in the Quran that empower killings. (Chandra, 2003). The psychological oppression bunches use media to pass on their message to the more extensive world, which improves their endurance, and as a way to inspire dread to the masses (Hamm, 2007). The psychological oppression bunches use media to pass on a message of sick expectations that lead to variances in moral practices, in the general public. The transitional help gives a chance to the fear based oppressor to bring out an assault through contribution monetary help and military strengthening (Hamm, 2007). The fear based oppressor bunches utilize this help to digress from the law; along these lines setting up their rules so as to control different areas inside their agreement so as to improve their predominance. Fear mongering exploits the fast development of innovation in the contemporary world, which permits creations of dangerous gadgets that psychological militant gatherings use to make modern bombs. Psychological militant teach different innovative abilities in their preparation so as to make such unstable gadgets.

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How to Use LinkedIn for Business Purposes

How to Use LinkedIn for Business Purposes Are you looking to expand your firms reach in its industry? Perhaps you are looking to establish your leadership team as influencers and thought leaders. Maybe you are looking for potential strategic or business partners, or even talented new employees. Of all the social media tools available to you, LinkedIn is your best bet to achieve these and similar outcomes. © Shutterstock.com | IB PhotographyIn this article we look at, 1) introduction to LinkedIn, 2) purpose of LinkedIn, 3) benefits of LinkedIn, 4) how to use  LinkedIn to grow business reach, 5) hiring on  LinkedIn, 6) terms specific to  LinkedIn, and 7) target marketing with  LinkedIn groups: Citi.INTRODUCTION TO LINKEDINThere are other specialized industry specific social networks, but none has the reach of LinkedIn. Since its founding in 2006, LinkedIn has grown from 4,500 users in its first month of operation to 300 million users as of May of 2014. With an average of two users signing up per second, LinkedIn is on track to reach its eventual three billion-user goal. Currently, LinkedIn has a presence in 200 countries and territories, and is available in 20 languages.In addition to its reach, no professional social network has the brand recognition of LinkedIn, either.  Moreover, none has the credibility with firms, hiring managers, and industry journalists, all of which are key whe n it comes to networking. Indeed, in terms of hiring alone, the percentage of recruiters using LinkedIn profiles in recruiting efforts increased from 78% in 2010 to 93% in 2012, according to a recent survey by Jobvite.Free Accounts vs. Paid AccountsAnyone can sign up for a free LinkedIn account simply by visiting www.linkedin.com and filling out the required information. Free accounts are called Basic accounts and have limited features, with further features available through (paid) Premium Accounts. The different Premium Accounts come with different features and prices based on your intended use of LinkedIn. They include:Business: This membership type is designed for users who are looking to expand their firm’s profile or their professional brand. Premium Business accounts include spotlight, Business, Business Plus, Executive, and Pro. They range from $7.99 to $549.99 per month and features varying numbers of InMails, introductions, increased search visibility, access to search f ilters, the ability to create varying numbers of search alerts, and enhanced profile customization features.Job Seeker: Designed for professionals who are actively or passively looking for a job, this membership level includes Job Seeker Basic, Job Seeker, and Job Seeker Plus. Costs range from $19.99 to $59.99 a month. For that price, you receive salary data for job listings, along with similar features to the Business premium accounts.Recruiter: This membership type is intended for use by recruiters, hiring managers and other HR professionals to help them identify and recruit potential employees and interns. Prices range from $47.99 to $719.95 a month for a Talent Basic, Recruiter Lite, or Recruiter Corporate account. Moreover, with one of those accounts, you receive a customized interface to manage the recruiting process and collaborate with internal team members, as well as similar features to other premium accounts.Sales: This is meant for professionals typically engaged in B2B sales, seeking to generate sales leads and identify decision makers at firms in their target market. The Sales Basic, Sales Plus, Sales Executive, and Sales Pro Premium account types offer many of the features of the previous account types, such as varying numbers of InMails and Introductions. Monthly fees range from $23.99 to $439.99 per month.More information on the varying membership levels can be found here.Paid membership levels are one of three core revenue generators for the firm, according to founder Reid Hoffman. The others are job listings and advertising. When Hoffman founded it in December of 2002, and officially launched six months later, he, and his team of former PayPal executives were looking to create a site which was “about individual professionals doing business with their network,” according to a 2009 interview with Fortune. According to Hoffman, “We want to get all of the worlds professionals on LinkedIn. We should be relevant to professionals everywhere[. ]”PURPOSE OF LINKEDINLinkedIn is a professional networking site commonly used by individual employees and job seekers to grow their careers. It can be used for:  Networking on professional levelLinkedIn is designed to facilitate networking between professionals through use on InMail, Introductions, and Connections. As a professional you can manage your personal brand through a well-maintained LinkedIn profile, connect with other users in your industry using InMail, Introductions and Invites, and through participation in LinkedIn Groups. Possession of a Basic account (or any Premium account) allows you to invite people into your LinkedIn network by inviting them to connect.You can do so in one of three ways:1. Import your contacts: You can import your contacts from the address book of one of the major email clients you use. LinkedIn will then automatically send invites to all LinkedIn users who have created an account using the email addresses you have provided.2. Search for existi ng contacts: The second way is to search for your existing colleagues. You can run a search using a number of parameters such as name, employer, location, and more. However, it is critical to understand that the ability to search all of LinkedIn’s users fully is a feature-only accessible by users with a paid account. A search by a user with a Basic account will only return the first 100 results. The ability to view the full profiles of those LinkedIn users who have not made their profile private and who are not in your network is limited to paid accounts.Further, inviting users to connect does not automatically result in that member becoming a part of your network. The invitee must accept the invitation. In fact, when you invite a member not in a contact list you have supplied, LinkedIn will ask how you know that member and prompt you to supply their email address. This allows LinkedIn to limit the number of emails a user might receive from users they do not know. It also allows t hem to monetize their user base.So, say you have invited all of your contacts, and have stumbled upon the profile of a hiring manager, journalist, or other professional you would like to add to your network. How can you do so if you do not have their email address? LinkedIn offers two ways to do this. The first is Introductions: you can ask one of your contacts who is connected to the member with whom you are looking to connect, to introduce you, using the Introduction feature. Basic account holders receive five Introductions per month.What if the member with whom you would like to connect is out of the network and out of the networks of your Connections? LinkedIn offers InMail â€" a LinkedIn specific version of email that allows you to reach out to any LinkedIn member. A set number of InMails come standard with each paid account. InMails can also be purchased for $10.00 each. LinkedIn guarantees a response from the InMail recipient within seven days; otherwise, it provides you with another InMail free.3. Join LinkedIn Groups: A third way is to join LinkedIn Groups and connect with fellow LinkedIn users there. LinkedIn Groups are networking groups for professionals united by a specific commonality, such as an alma mater, an industry, or an occupation. There are over 2.1 million groups and the average LinkedIn user is a member of seven different groups.Asking/answering questionsYou can use your LinkedIn account to ask questions of other industry professionals. You can also participate in a LinkedIn Group and answer questions. Actively and correctly answering questions in a LinkedIn Group may gain you recognition as an expert in a particular subject. Your Company Page can also be another vehicle for you to offer customer service.ResearchPremium accounts offer a number of features that allow you to perform research on firms in your industry, or even on your own firm’s activities. For example, the Sales Executive account allows you to monitor the LinkedIn activi ty of your salespeople. You can also use LinkedIn to conduct formal research. You can send members of your network, or more likely, a subgroup of your network, links to an online survey, or use LinkedIn to prospect for the contact information of those who you wish to survey.Hiring/finding employmentOne of the key benefits of LinkedIn is its users’ ability to search through job listings and apply for jobs. Every day, over 44,000 applications are submitted to firms through LinkedIn. You can identify hiring managers, and potentially, gain an advantage over other applicants in your job search. Your profile serves as an online resume, one that is scrutinized far more than online resumes on other job boards. Integration with apps like Behance allows you to upload your portfolio. You can list volunteer opportunities and interests as well, giving potential employers an idea of who you are personally, as well as professionally. Further, integration of LinkedIn with social media tools like Facebook and Twitter provide further insight into you as a person and gives potential employers a sense of your social media savvy.How Why To Use LinkedIn.com BENEFITS OF LINKEDINGiven its high usage by affluent, ambitious professionals â€" a lucrative target market, LinkedIn can be used to help you achieve a number of strategic business and marketing goals. The benefits of using LinkedIn include:Extending your personal and corporate brand visibility;Establish your leadership as thought leaders and influencers in the industry;Sharing news and information with your network;Finding industry insights through participation in groups, review of LinkedIn profiles, and soliciting information from one’s network;Identifying and networking with potential strategic partners;Identifying and recruiting potential hires; andGenerating sales leads.HOW TO USE LINKEDIN TO GROW BUSINESS REACHLinkedIn Marketing: 5 Steps to Grow Your Business on LinkedIn Increase your visibilityBy ensuring that your profile is kept current and features regular status updates. Join a LinkedIn Group and actively participate by answering industry-related questions and answering those of others.By setting up a Company Page that is kept up-to-date and share firm news through status updates. (You can automate this by cross-posting social media content using a third-party tool like HootSuite). Once you have set up a Company Page, ask all employees to add their current employment to their profile, which will increase your visibility with their respective networks. (Note: engaging your staff in this manner should be done only after clear, written social media guidelines and expectations have been laid out.) There are over 3 million Company Pages on LinkedIn, a number that is growing steadily.By creating an industry- or firm-related LinkedIn Group. Regularly post topics for discussion, and invite all of your contacts to participate.Conduct research on potential partners and competitionIf you are a Premiu m user, use the tools available to you to conduct research on potential partners through in-Group networking and targeted searches.Look at the Company Pages, status updates, and even LinkedIn profiles of the employees of rival firms to gain actionable strategic insights about your competition.Tell your story using multimedia like videoTell your company story using multimedia like video: Other social media tools, such as YouTube and Flickr, can be integrated with LinkedIn. This allows you the ability to broaden the reach of the story you were telling with those other tools to the LinkedIn audience. Photo and video content garners far more engagement online than simple text updates.Advertise on LinkedInLinkedIn lets you create text-based ads on your choice of a Cost-Per-click or Cost Per Mille model, and target based on LinkedIn’s search filters. LinkedIn also offers sponsored content, which can increase the visibility of your update content in the feeds of other LinkedIn users. Giv en LinkedIn’s narrow user base, than, say Facebook, LinkedIn is good for very narrow, specific marketing efforts aimed at subgroups of professionals. © LinkedInHIRING ON LINKEDINYou can easily post a job to LinkedIn, with or without a Recruiter account:1.  When logged into your account, click Jobs at the top of your homepage, and then the Post a job button on the right. © LinkedIn2. Complete the required information on the following page. At the bottom, enter the jobs location to determine pricing. You can also “Sponsor” your job â€" paying a premium to increase the visibility of your job in other user’s search feeds.3. Click Continue. Enter your payment information and click Review order.Once you have posted your job, it will be searchable by all users. You can share the posting with your network or other contacts on or off LinkedIn to generate applications. You can also search for users who might be ideal and invite them to apply via InMail.Hiring using LinkedIn is similar to hiring using competing job boards and/or your corporate website, with some notable exceptions. First, the LinkedIn user base skews towards white collar workers, and LinkedIn’s premium search filters are more robust than many other job boards, making it easier for recruiters to find employees with the specific skillsets they need. Second, the InMail and Introduction f eatures allow job seekers to target the person in charge of hiring rather than just the corporate email account associate with the job listing. Another key difference between LinkedIn is the Groups feature allows job seekers, corporate recruiters, staff, managers, and executives alike to network based on their similar issues. This, and its brand reputation, make it the premier destination for job seekers to look for professional jobs, professionals to network, and corporations to extend their profile among influencers.TERMS SPECIFIC TO LINKEDINBefore fully taking the LinkedIn plunge, here are a few related terms that are indispensable to know:Connections: users who are members of your network. You have sent them an invite and they have accepted or vice versa.Second-degree Connections: users who are members of a network of a Connection of yours. They are not a Connection of yours however.Third-degree Connections: Connections of your second-degree Connections.InMail: LinkedIn-specific emails users can send to any other LinkedIn users.Introductions: When a user introduces two unconnected members of their network to each other.Recommendations: written endorsements by your Connections attesting to your skills, expertise, and/or job/volunteer performanceTARGET MARKETING WITH LINKEDIN GROUPS: CITILinkedIn’s user’s ability to target narrow groups of users is one of its greatest assets. With this capability, individuals and firms can ensure that they are getting their marketing messages out to exactly the right people. One firm that has harnessed this capability effectively is Citi, which used LinkedIn Groups to target professional women in a recent brand awareness campaign. Their Group, “Connect: Professional Women’s Network”, launched in April 2012 It was heavily discussion driven, incentivized participation and membership with giveaways of Premium accounts and InMails. Discussions included problem solving challenges, solicitations of customer insights, and polls.Their campaign netted 43,000 Group members in a four-month period, with more than 30% logging in weekly â€" double the engagement of the average LinkedIn Group. By the end of its first year, 115,000 members had joined, and by July 2014, that number has grown to over 332,000. For its initial success, Connect also garnered a 2013 shorty award for best use of social Media for Financial Services. However, its ongoing success can be seen in the considerable numbers of professional women connected with and engaged with the Citi brand.

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The Pros and Cons of Standardized Testing - 1050 Words

One of the biggest topics in the educational world is standardized tests. All fifty states have their own standards following the common core curriculum. There are many positives and negatives that go with the standardized tests. A standardized test is any type of â€Å"examination thats administered and scored in a predetermined, standard manner† (Popham, 1999). These standardized tests are either aptitude tests or achievement tests. Schools use achievement tests to compare students. There are pros to standardized examinations as tools for gaining information about student’s literacy strengths and weaknesses that can influence instruction. A pro to standardized examinations is that every student in the same state will take the same tests.†¦show more content†¦Each student will have the same material from the week in their binder. It is imperative to communicate to each student that this is their way to show their progress throughout the year. Next, explain tha t this portfolio will be checked at any time without notice (minim once a month). There will also be three scheduled checks. Checking the binder will encourage the students to maintain and evaluate them. The portfolio will then be graded for organization and neatness. This will give the student the responsibility of making sure that their portfolio is in order to receive a good grade. These portfolios/binders will hold writing assignments, vocabulary sheets, spelling tests, and short stories with the question and answer page. These will be placed into the binder every Friday or as soon as they are given back to the student. Each page mentioned above has their own importance to the student’s growth. Assessments should be added at the beginning, middle, and end of the year. The educator will be able to see the exact progress the student has made throughout the year. The portfolio can effectively be used for summative and formative assessment. The first evaluation will involve a private conversation between the student and the educator. This would be a formative assessment. This assessment concentrates on observing the students response to instruction. Formative assessment gives instant feedback to the educator and studentShow MoreRelatedPros And Cons Of Standardized Testing801 Words   |  4 Pagescontroversial topic Since Middle School, I was not opposed to standardized testing. I thought of it as a way of testing us of what we have learned. Although, after reading some articles about standardized testing I am re-thinking the pros and cons. From personal experience, I thought of it as a challenge to pass them. But now that reminisce about it, I noticed some of the cons of standardized testing. I remember having a week or two dedicated for testing, and in case of students failing they had to take timeRead MorePros And Cons Of Standardized Testing1400 Words   |  6 PagesEven though there are many downsides to standardized testing there are still viable reasons why they are still being used today. One of the main reasons includes the easy and quick access of testing students. Standardized testing allows schools to quickly access a large amount of students at one time. This is also one of the cheapest ways to tests such a large crowd due to machinery that grades which results in low tests costs f or students. These tests also help by setting a national curriculum forRead MorePros And Cons Of Standardized Testing1025 Words   |  5 PagesWhat are standardized tests? Standardized tests are exams that are administered, scored, and interpreted in the same way for all students. Now there are many pros and cons of standardized testing however, I believe that public and private schools should just abolish standardized testing all together. These tests determine a student’s academic performance and each student is given the same test with the same questions and answers. These tests are designed to measure the students learning capabilitiesRead MorePros and Cons of Standardized Testing583 Words   |  2 PagesStandardized testing has its pros and cons I do not believe in it but I will give you proof for and against the testing. We will cover some the history and where the testing came from and why we do it. I will talk a little bit of how I feel about testing and how much we should focus on how the students do on the test. I have interviewed a few teachers that I had when I went to school and some personal friends that are teachers now and how it effects how they teach. Most historians trace the beginningRead MoreThe Pros and Cons of Standardized Testing Essay674 Words   |  3 PagesStandardized testing is a down fall to many students but also an opportunity for many others. Standardized testing has its pros and its cons. It can be the make it or break it factor into getting into colleges you are hoping to attend or the scholarships you want to earn. Some people may have their opinions about the test, whether they hate it or not but the fact is that it’s here to stay. What exactly is standardized testing you may ask, it is a test which measures the knowledge among differentRead MoreThe Pros And Cons Of Standardized Testing1491 Words   |  6 PagesStandardized testing was introduced by French psychologist Alfred Binet in 1905. The test originated because Binet was commissioned by the French government to create a tool to identify which students needed remedial studies. Over time, the standardized tests evolved into multiple different tests in multiple subjects for varying age groups of students. The tests were initially seen as a way to test a large sum of people with the same general questions to see an individual’s knowledge. Some peopleRead MoreThe Pros And Cons Of Standardized Testing1511 Words   |  7 PagesOver the years the educational system has faced various controversial issues, but the most recent one making a negative impact on students, is standardized testing. Standardized testing is a type of testing used to evaluate stud ents academic abilities . It is a way to measure if standards are being met but does not provide a variation in the type of administration based on the students needs (Sacks, 2000). In other words, all children are provided these test to track their learning progress basedRead MoreThe Pros And Cons Of Standardized Testing1100 Words   |  5 Pagesscience, history, and science. Then, every year, students typically take one big standardized test, or even more. These tests are claimed to give educators an objective that’s unbiased. Standardized testing supposedly helps identify the natural tendency of individual students, identifying skill development and progress. However, are these things what standardized testing really do for students? Standardized testing only measures a small portion of what makes education substantial. This means thatRead MorePros And Cons Of Standardized Testing1201 Words   |  5 Pages Standardized testing is all based on your performance as a student on a specific day, time and place. What it doesn’t show is how you perform on a day to day basis. These types of test can be given in any type of form that requires test takers to answer the same questions, and is then scored in a â€Å"standard† or consistent manner. Students should not have to take standardized test because of many reasons. As a human I have days where I’m tired and didn’t get enough sleep the night before or it isRead MoreThe Pros And Cons Of Standardized Testing704 Words   |  3 Pagesschool. But the majority can attest to saying that they all hate standardized testing and the week that it brings. Every student knows this week all too well. From having one to two tests a day and then shortly after not being able to function properly on the rest of the school day. Many students will say that they all hate the idea of standardized testing and wish it to be gone. The real question stands though: is standardized testing increasing the performance of students? The main argument against

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Career Exploration Paper - 3362 Words

Autobiography: John Krumboltz once said, â€Å"You have control over your own actions and how you think about the events that impact your life. None us can control the outcomes, but your actions can increase the probability that desired outcomes will occur. There are no guarantees in life. The only guarantee is that doing nothing will get you nowhere.† (Krumboltz, 46). In this short exert from his book titled Luck is no Accident, 10 Ways to get More out of Work and Life, Krumbolz discusses the importance of making the most out of opportunities that may seem little or pointless, and that happiness doesn’t depend on any external conditions, but instead, it is governed by our mental attitude. Throughout my life, I have only had a few jobs†¦show more content†¦According to John Holland’s Theory of Career Choice, he explains the significance of involving work related behavior. Holland makes a connection between personality type and working environment, and ho w these two aspects guide one to career success and satisfaction. After taking the personality test, I found out that I am an extrovert. Being a very social person, I need to have a job that is not boring, keeps me on my toes, and I am constantly being challenged in. After working at the Property Management Company I learned that just when you think your day can’t get any more hectic, it does. So you always have to be alert and ready to handle whatever comes your way. This is exactly the kind of job I want, and although some people may get freaked out and scared by this, things like that are what make me happy and feel accomplished. Career Decisions: The use of personality, interest, and values assessments are very crucial in overall career decisions. One should never choose a career unless they know it fits their personality, needs, and level of happiness. As Confucius once said, â€Å"Choose a job that you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life†. If we don’t choose a job that we like and enjoy doing, we may last a few weeks, months, or even years, but after a while we will feel like we are at a dead end job, doing the same thing every day, which may lead to not only stress on yourself, but also your family.Show MoreRelatedCareer Exploration Paper1320 Words   |  6 PagesCareer Exploration Paper Tori Turner Liberty University Career Exploration Paper Career Field Occupation Choice Within society, there are many occupations to explore and chose. The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) results showed that my personal career strengths fall under the area of teaching and counseling. Currently, as a school counselor for a high school in Duncanville, Texas, a suburb outside of Dallas, I find the results of the assessment to be very accurate. MakingRead MoreIt Career Exploration Research Paper Dillon Evans973 Words   |  4 PagesIT Career Exploration Research Paper Dillon Evans Computer Support Specialists can fall under many different categories with the common factors being that they give advice and help to end users and organizations on computers, equipment, software, computer access, and networks. The main emphasis is that we will be working with end users to ensure that they are capable of doing their job on a networked system. As a computer support specialist you will have to be trainedRead MorePersonal Statement : Self Exploration1156 Words   |  5 Pages Self Exploration Paper Yifei Bai Arizona State University Introduction To have a clear future career plan, self-exploration would be the first step to take since those who do not know themselves well will also have no idea about where to begin their career or may be mediocre in their life (Rogers et al., 2008). Therefore, for aspiring college student, before completely stepping into the working stage, one shall specify his or her goal and make full use of the existed sources in schoolRead MoreAn Exploration Of The Behavioral Management Aide Career Essay1135 Words   |  5 PagesAbstract This paper is a brief exploration of the Behavioral Management Aide career in the Social and Human Service Assistant field. It is a sometimes difficult yet rewarding job in which the professional works with clients to assess them and help them solve any issues they are having which hinders them from living a fulfilling, happy life. It is a career that is expected to grow over the next few years and it only requires a high school education, but a college degree and previous experience isRead MoreCareer Analysis : Career Counseling1276 Words   |  6 PagesCareer Counseling Theory It appears that the most appropriate model of career counseling would depend on how much insight the client has, their stage of development, their age and cultural background, and their career and developmental maturity. All of an individuals life experiences, their personal and career goals and aspirations for the present and future will affect their choices regarding career development. There are differing opinions on which factors play the most important role in careerRead MoreAn Multi Agency Statewide Youth Initiative839 Words   |  4 Pagesweb-systems that focus specifically on career exploration: Careers.Utah.gov www.utah.gov/careers - DWS (including WRA) is a partner in this multi-agency statewide youth initiative. The LMI Department provides substantial content to the system, which packages many State resources under three key content areas: 1) Explore Careers, 2) Investigate Careers, and 3) Find a Job. UtahFutures.org DWS (including WRA) is a partner in a Statewide, multi-agency career exploration partnership and web-system gearedRead MoreProposal for a New Career Exploration Program for Service Canada1625 Words   |  7 PagesProposal for a New Career Exploration Program for Service Canada This proposal is for a new career exploration program for Service Canada office of Cornwall, Ontario. It will examine the use of four standardized assessments in career counseling, then select and budget relevant assessments and resource material. The anticipated client group includes: unemployment recipients (70% recently unemployed due to downsizing), average age is 30-40, 60% female, 20% First Nations, 20% professional immigrantsRead MoreContinuing Academic Sucess1291 Words   |  6 Pagescategories of your life such as career, family, personal, financial, educational, and spiritual (Milne,  2001). Take a career for example. Say you set a long term goal to open your own business one day. Short term goals you could set would be to put five dollars into your saving every day. A mid-term goal would be that you want to have nine thousand saved up in five years and use it for a down payment on a small store, or for merchandise for the store. My career goal is to become an admini stratorRead MoreApplying for Graduate Studies in Engineering865 Words   |  3 PagesIndia and I hold a bachelor’s degree in Electronics Instrumentation Engineering from Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University, Hyderabad, India. I want to pursue graduate studies because it provides me the right platform for research. I envision a career involved mainly with research because it welcomes new ideas, gives me more opportunities to explore my areas of interest and put forward new theories and implement them on my own. I feel that formulating and developing ideas is actually always moreRead MoreMy First Term Of College974 Words   |  4 Pagesfavorite center I would say it’s the career exploration center, this one in specific is extremely vital to me. I’ve gone there for help figuring out my career that lays ahead of me and they helped me out so much. That center is great and what really is interesting is that it’s available to the general public not just PCC students. I learned a lot of information from here for my career path I’d like to take someday and learned the pay for that specific career. I believe every student should pay a

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Sentence Coherence Free Essays

Coherence means the quality of sticking together. a sentence has coherence when the sentence elements are so arranged as to show their relationship. Clarity in the sentence depends largely on proper word order A. We will write a custom essay sample on Sentence Coherence or any similar topic only for you Order Now Achieving coherence through proper placement of modifiers A modifier is a word, phrase, or clause that describes, strengthens, or clarifies another word (or group of words) in a sentence. When a modifier is placed in its proper position in a sentence, a sense of clarity is established for the reader. Example: Confusion: He barely kicked that ball twenty yards. Repair Work: He kicked that ball barely twenty yards. The issue of the proper placement of â€Å"only† has long been argued among grammarians. Many careful writers will insist that â€Å"only† be placed immediately before the word or phrase it modifies. Thus â€Å"I only gave him three dollars† would be rewritten as â€Å"I gave him only three dollars. † Some grammarians, however, have argued that such precision is not really necessary, that there is no danger of misreading â€Å"I only gave him three dollars† and that â€Å"only† can safely and naturally be placed between the subject and the verb. The argument has been going on for two hundred years. Other examples: (boardwork) 1. Mother loves the bungalow which she inherited from her grandfather. (Spanish- style, maternal) 2. The bride walked down the aisle on the arm of her father. (slowly) A. 1. Avoiding Misplaced modifiers Misplaced modifiers-a word, phrase, or clause that is improperly separated from the word it modifies How to correct a misplaced modifier: Place the modifier close to the word it modifies Error: I brought the dress from that store that I really wanted. Correction: I brought the dress that I really wanted from that store. A. 2. Avoiding Squinting Modifiers Squinting Modifiers -a phrase or clause that seems to modify two words at a time Example: Students who miss classes frequently fail the course. We can’t tell which part of the sentence the word frequently is supposed to modify. Look at these two possible meanings: Students who miss class frequently or frequently fail the course. Correct a squinting modifier error by repositioning the modifier to place it next to the word it modifies. Example 2: Cycling up hills quickly strengthens your quadriceps. (In this example, the word â€Å"quickly† is a squinting modifier. It is not clear whether â€Å"quickly† pertains to â€Å"Cycling up hills† or â€Å"strengthens†. B. Achieving coherence by Avoiding Dangling Modifiers Dangling modifiers- It is a phrase or clause that is not clearly and logically related to the word or words it modifies How to correct a Dangling Modifier 1. Change the main clause of the sentence so that it begins with the word actually mod ified Example 1. Changing the oil every 3,000 miles, the car seemed to run better. Correction: Changing the oil every 3,000 miles, Fred found he could get much better gas mileage. Example 2: To keep the young recruits interested in getting in shape, an exercise program was set up for the summer months. Correction:To keep the young recruits interested in getting in shape, the coaching staff set up an exercise program for the summer months. 2. Change the dangling modifier phrase to a subordinate clause, creating a subject and a verb Example 1: Raised in Nova Scotia, it is natural to miss the smell of the sea. Correction For a person raised in Nova Scotia, it is natural to miss the smell of the sea. The introductory phrase in the above sentence looks as if it is meant to modify a person or persons, but no one is mentioned in the sentence. Such introductory adjective phrases, because of their position, automatically modify the first noun or pronoun that follows the phrase — in this case, â€Å"it. † The connection in this case is illogical because â€Å"it† was not raised in Nova Scotia. You could revise the sentence in a number of ways: In correction: (the phrase functions as an adjective but now automatically modifies â€Å"I,† a logical connection) Example 2: Although nearly finished, we left the play early because we were worried about our sick cat. Correction: Although the play was nearly finished, we left early because we were worried about our sick cat. A dangling modifier can also appear when you place an elliptical clause improperly: Although nearly finished, we left the play early because we were worried about our sick cat. The way this sentence is structured, the clause â€Å"Although nearly finished† illogically modifies â€Å"we,† the pronoun directly following the clause. An easy way to rectify the problem is to re-insert the subject and verb that are understood in the elliptical clause: Although the play was nearly finished, we left early because we were worried about our sick cat. C. Achieving Coherence by Clear Reference of pronouns A pronoun refers to or replaces a noun, a noun phrase, or a pronoun already mentioned. The word the pronoun replaces is known as the pronoun’s antecedent. A pronoun should always refer to a clear and definite antecedent. C. 1. Wrong reference Make sure that a pronoun refers to a specific noun, not a possessive noun or a noun within a prepositional phrase. | Faulty | In George Orwell’s essay â€Å"Shooting an Elephant, † he reports an incident that shows the evil effects of imperialism. [The pronoun he cannot refer to the possessive noun Orwell’s. ] | Revised | In his essay â€Å"Shooting an Elephant,† George Orwell reports an incident that shows the evil effects of imperialism. [The possessive pronoun his can refer to the subject noun Orwell. ]| Avoid using a pronoun such as they or it without an explicit antecedent. | Faulty | When Rivera applied for a resident alien card, they put him through many bureaucratic procedures. [The sentence does not ha ve a clear antecedent for the pronoun they. ] | | Revised | When Rivera applied for a resident alien card, government officials put him through many manybureaucratic procedures. Before government officials issued Rivera a resident alien card, they put him through many bureaucratic procedures. | C. 2 Ambiguous References Your readers should never be left wondering which this, they, or it is being discussed. Faulty | My husband told my father that he should choose the baby’s name. [Does he refer to husband or to father ? ] | Revised | My husband told my father to choose the baby’s name. My husband wanted to choose the baby’s name and told my father so. | Example 2:Ted told Hanz that he was hungry. Ted told Hanz that the former was hungry or Ted told Hanz, † I am hungry. † Example 3: Sylvia told her mother, â€Å"I need a new wardrobe. † Sylvia told her mother that she needed a new wardrobe C. 3. No Reference Examples 1. When we went to the motor vehicle division to register our car, they kept us waiting for nearly an hour. Correction: When we went to the motor vehicle division to register our car, the clerk kept us waiting for nearly an hour. 2. Elizabeth’s mother and father are both pilots; however, Elizabeth is not interested in it. Correction: Elizabeth’s mother and father are both pilots; however, Elizabeth is not interested in flying. 3. It says in the recipe that one must use butter, not margarine. Correction: According to the recipe, one must use butter, not margarine. 4. We prefer the kind of gas stations where hot food is sold. Correction: We prefer the kind of gas stations where they sell hot food. 5, Tammy applied for a scholarship, but her advisor told her that her parents make too much money. Correction: Tammy applied for a scholarship, but they told her that her parents made too much money. How to cite Sentence Coherence, Papers

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Venus And Adonis Essays (1332 words) - Operas, Nude Art,

Venus And Adonis Venus and Adonis: Images of Sexuality in Nature Love is the answer, but while you are waiting for the answer, sex raises some pretty good questions. - Woody Allen Throughout his plays and poetry Shakespeare imbeds numerous and diverse themes, many of them relating to love, sexuality, life, death, religion and countless others. In his poem Venus and Adonis Shakespeare tackles the theme of sexuality as a representation of love, and a function of Nature. The characters of Venus and Adonis, often times reminiscent of an Elizabethan fallen Adam and Eve, create a sexually charged poem that lends much of the power and influence of love and life and death to Nature. Shakespeare creates a natural phenomenon that physically links the love and actions of these two characters to the forces, both positive and destructive, to Nature herself. The poem allows Venus and Adonis a certain power or authority over the forces that lie within the powers of Nature, but Shakespeare's creation of this sexual narrative as a depiction of erotic desire as a tragic event leads the characters to inevitable misfortune, and a complete loss of control over their circumstances. Shakespeare's text can be broadly divided into three sections. The first being Venus' expressions of love for Adonis, the second involving Adonis' death and the hunt, and the third and final section focuses on Venus' reaction to the loss of Adonis. In the first third, Venus tries with increasing desperation to entice Adonis into sex. The pastoral setting on the primrose bank is ideal for the sexually charged analogies she creates. She bombards him with oxymorons involving hot ice, showers him with floral metaphors, launches into an extended variation on the old carpe diem theme, and cracks familiar puns on words such as harts and deer. Venus seems to have inspired control over her own body, and wondrously metamorphosizes her form to suit her purpose, making it heavy enough to need trees to support it, then giving the violets she lies on the strength of trees (152). For all its desperation, the first section is energetic and hopeful, emphasizing Adonis' youth and Venus' constantly self-renewing flesh. The descriptions of love found here are wholly sexual and physically based, but there is a desperate strength in Venus' repeated attempts and persistence. However, at the center of the poem Adonis announces that he intends to hunt the boar the next day. Venus collapses with the boy on top of her, and follows what ought to be the sexual climax of Venus' attempts to lure Adonis into her bed, but all Venus gets from the encounter is frustration: `all is imaginary she doth prove' (597). In this next section of the poem, which takes place in the forest, Venus speaks of fear, the fear of the boar and the terror of the hunted hare. Death, which has been a veiled presence throughout the first half, becomes the controlling factor of the second. Instead of urging Adonis to beget, Venus warns him that he will be murdering his own posterity if he fails to make love (757-60). The youthfulness of Adonis, which had been described in such vital terms in the first section, able to `drive infection from the dangerous year' (508), suddenly finds itself subjected to more infections than it can hope to cure: As burning fevers, agues pale and faint, Life-poisoning pestilence and frenzies wood, The marrow-eating sickness whose attaint Disorder breeds by heating of the blood (739-42). At the same time Venus loses control over her body. As she hurries through the woods after the sound of Adonis' horn, her body is subjected to the intrusive gropings of bushes: Some catch her by the neck, some kiss her face, / Some twine about her thigh to make her stay (872-3). This attack on Venus' physical body, and her inability to stop it renders her even more powerless, and her dominating sexuality is turned to frightened reserve as she searches for Adonis. Her efforts to entice Adonis through her pastoral metaphors have failed, even after she evidences her love through the tangible elements of Nature. In the first half of Shakespeare's poem Venus struggles to create a poetic Eden out of the substance of Adonis' body and her own. She tells him that